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Welcome to Martin Family and Friends
Saturday, 12 June 2004 03:54

This site was developed by the our family as a tool for genealogy researchers investigating the following surnames, especially those from the same descendant lines as ours.


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Family Trees
Saturday, 15 September 2012 00:00

I have recently updated much of the information in my database.  I have posted various versions of the database on  These are available to other researchers or family members o review.

Southern Roots - this database contains ancestors and descendants that lived in Cleburne County AR or Coosa County AL.  Many migrated to Cleburne County after the Civil War from NC, TN, and AL.  While it does contain information on my ancestors, its has many non-ancestors as well.  Approximately 20,000 individuals.  Not updated as often as the other, but for general research.

Martin-Haile Research - contains information about the Martin-Haile line.  If you are a descendant of Hubert Munsey Martin or Samuel Eugene Haile, this is the database you should use to research or enter information.

As a starting point, I have linked to the grandparents of Janet and I.

Hubert Munsey Martin, wife Maud Ulan Cranford

Milam Harvey Parish, wife Ara Lucille Jackson

Samuel Eugene Haile, wife Gertrude P. Houston

Pious Macon Logan, wife Minnie Judith Towell

See instruction for gaining access to the "private" parts of these trees, or adding your information as a contributor.

Family History and Genealogy
Monday, 09 August 2004 00:30

I consider myself a family historian rather than a genealogy reseacher. I am intrigued by the hitorical migration of my ancetors from the British Isles and Europe to the southern United States and then across this great country to the west and nortwest. I have concnetrated here on family stories, the historical events surrounding my ancestors, and where known, their participation in thiose historical events.

Much of what is written here is nothing more that an oral history put onto paper. I am grateful to my cousin Cleta Stuart-Porterfield for having the foresight and determination to pull together most of this information and published it as the Martin Family Stories. I have noted any additions or deletions to her original work so as not to detract from its quality. Each story has links to the people referenced and to other genealogy related web sites.

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